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Projects and Information

The side from just before Dawson County High School has been extended including a crosswalk across Hwy 53 E to Farmington Woods. Future plans with LMIG funds from GDOT will take the sidewalk from Farmington Woods to Hwy 9 S. Once there, if approval for a crosswalk across Hwy 9 S can be obtained from GDOT, the sidewalk will be extended to Burt’s Crossing.

The landscape at the entrance to City Hall has been renovated and given a fresh, natural look. Please step inside City Hall and see the renovations underway inside the lobby in an effort to make it more customer friendly.

Construction has started on the sidewalk connecting the walkway along Shoal Creek Road with the Red Hawk subdivision. Engineering is complete and should be bid out once ROW needs are met for sidewalk connecting the walkway along Shoal Creek Road to the Rain Hill subdivision. Future plans call for sidewalk from Robinson Elementary School to Hwy 9 N and then along Hwy 9 N to Robinson Road.

The massive project involving installation of wireless water meters throughout the city service area is near completion. At this writing, only 30 meters remain to be replaced. This project will ensure more accurate meter readings while reducing the man hours required for meter reading from over 60 hours to just over two hours. This project will improve customer service will also reduce labor expenses.